Useful Guide to Buying a Dog Collar


Dog accessories are items that enhance the welfare of the dog. They all serve different functions. Some are a must have, while others can be excluded from the list of must-have dog accessories. Dog Collar Fancy has dog accessories that include collars, bed, leads, dog toys, etc. A collar is one of the essential accessories to have. It helps to identify the dog in public places. It also bears the name of the dog, the license number as well as other valuable information like the owners’ contact in case the dog goes astray. With the information on the dog’s collar, any member of the public can be able to reunite the dog with the owner if lost and found.  Collar and leash go hand in hand and are typically purchased together.

When buying a collar, everyone wants to walk with a dog looking all fancy, thus the need to choose a fancy collar. When choosing a dog collar, consider the durability of the collar. Sometimes, the dog may pull and slip away from the leash; therefore a strong collar and leash are necessary.  A loose collar can also get stuck on surroundings such as edges of furniture, fences, etc., thus, ensure that the collar is not too loose for the dog.  But you will also want to make sure the collar is not too tight, as it will feel uncomfortable around the dog’s neck. You want a collar with a good fit, so your dog can breathe normally, and remove any worry you will have about their health.

When purchasing the collar, the best way will be to have the dog with you so as to fit the right collar. Take a walk with your dog to the dog accessories store near you. Alternatively, you can also take measurements of the neck and present to the seller. Use a tape measure to get measurements for the collar. Wrap the tape around the dog’s neck, ensuring it is not too loose nor too tight. Assuming the tape as the collar, try slipping the tape through the dog’s ears to see if the collar will easily come out, or if it’s too tight.  Check out this website at for more facts about pets.

Remember that your dog is growing and adding weight at the same time. Therefore, regularly check the fitting of the collar, and change whenever the sparkly dog collar starts to tighten the neck. If it is your first time to buy a collar, seek for reviews and recommendations from other dog owners within your locality or neighborhood.


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